Outerwear Storage by Burtrum Furs and Leathers

Outerwear Storage by Burtrum Furs and Leathers

Keep Your Coat in Pristine Condition

Storing your beloved outerwear can take up space in your home and can compromise the quality of the coat or jacket. Burtrum Furs and Leathers offers storage options for for your jackets, coats, hats and more. Our storage facility is temperature-controlled at 55 degrees, humidity controlled and pest controlled. All furs, jackets and outerwear items are supervised by our furrier, Marilyn Burtrum. Storage with Burtrum Furs and Leathers ensures your purchase will last from generation to generation.

Storage Benefits:

  • Temperature, humidity and pest controlled facility
  • Keep your coat from drying out
  • Furs overseen by a furrier
  • Free up room in your home

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Year Round Storage

$10 Off Storage

Pay upfront & get $10 off our annual fee!

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